Why Modi’s visit to Bangladesh led to 12 deaths

Bangladesh had trusted that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s quality at its 50th freedom commemoration festivities a week ago would be significant.

Yet, the visit turned dangerous as savage fights broke out against Mr Modi, leaving in any event 12 individuals dead.

Mr Modi is a polarizing figure both at home and abroad. His administration, driven by the Hindu patriot Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has frequently been blamed for seeking after strategies that target Muslim minorities, and not doing what’s needed to control savagery against them. The BJP denies the charges.

His argumentative picture seems to have started the fights in the capital Dhaka – and the viciousness that followed presumably was a shame to the two nations. It likewise projects a shadow on what has consistently been a genial connection among India and Bangladesh.

What occurred in Bangladesh?

Mr Modi showed up in Dhaka for a two-day visit on 26 March, Bangladesh’s autonomy day. It likewise corresponded with the birth centennial of Sheik Mujibur Rahman, the nation’s organizer and father of the current leader, Sheik Hasina.

Heads of the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal were all visitors of honor at the occasion. Be that as it may, Mr Modi’s visit, which was intended to cover off the 10-day long festivals, set off fights.

A gathering of Muslim admirers held a dissent on 26 March after Friday supplications at a mosque in the city. Before long, conflicts ejected and police utilized poisonous gas and stick to scatter the group.

Fights at that point spread to different pieces of the country and a hardline Islamist bunch, Hefazat-e-Islam, required a cross country shut down on 28 March to fight the assaults on the individuals who held assemblies against Mr Modi’s visit.

For what reason would they say they were dissenting?

The fights were driven by Islamists, understudies of madrassas (strict schools) and left-wing bunches went against to Mr Modi’s visit to Bangladesh. They blamed him for seeking after enemy of Muslim arrangements.

The individuals who coordinated the conventions and even allies of the decision Awami League have blamed security powers for fiercely assaulting nonconformists.

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